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DEAL OF THE DAY! 4K Security DVR with Advanced Motion Detection and Smart Home Voice Control


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D841 4K DVR

Whether you're upgrading an existing video recorder or thinking of purchasing a whole new Analog HD system, this latest 4K Ultra HD Digital Video Recorder by Lorex meets all the demanding needs of modern-day security. Features such as 4K recording resolution produce visually accurate video footage with exceptional detail. It also supports advanced person/vehicle detection and smart home compatibility, which will keep you in the know of only the most important events and add the convenience of hands-free voice control.





DVR supports 8 cameras



Ultra HD resolution



Maximum Capacity 1 × 8TB hard drive

Lorex Home™ App

4K vs 1080p pixels

See the world in 4K

4K is the highest quality available for home security systems and this powerful DVR can record 4K (8MP) resolution video on all channels. The higher pixel count, when compared to 1080p, results in superior detail and definition with realistic color representation, so that objects in video are clearly outlined and easily identifiable, no matter how big or small.

person and vehicle motion detection

Advanced motion detection

Be alerted when motion is detected on your property with advanced motion detection capabilities. This system features person/vehicle detection on 4 channels to reduce unnecessary alerts and false alarms. Important motion events that are recorded can easily be found using the Smart Search feature, which organizes events by type (e.g. person/vehicle motion vs. general motion, etc.).

security system with motion detection
Security camera system panic button

Panic button

This DVR brings your security camera system to the next level with an easy-to-use panic button located on the front of the recorder. By pressing and holding this button you can activate all lights and sirens on your compatible Active

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