NanoBeam M5 AirMax with 25 dBi Dish Antenna, 802.11a/n (5.1 - 5.8 GHz). - US Version

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    -Operating modes: Access Point, Station & Repeater (WDS).
    -Propietary Signaling: AirMax (MIMO TDMA).
    AirOS 5 System.
    Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Mbps) technology.
    - Output Power: 400 mW.
    -Bandwith: 300 Mbps.
    - 5 to 40 MHz adjustable channel.
    - MIMO 25 dBi antenna.
    -Dual Polarity (Vertical and Horizontal, 2x2).
    -Security Protocols: WEP, WPA, WPA2 and MAC ACL.
    -Visual and Audible (Software) antenna aligment.
    -Temperature: -40  to 75°C
    -Power Supply: 24 Vcc, 0.5 A (includes convenctional PoE Gigabit ).

    *Requires  TCCON connectors and  TCPRO cable.

     Basic Point to Point configuration (AP and ST).

    Return device to default values:

    The equipment includes the following: 



    Simplified Installation of the product: 



























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