9 m Telescopic Mast Kit with Installation Accessories

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    The kit includes the following components:

    1 pieceSLM9Telescopic mast 3m (height).
    3m section of 1 1/4"
    3m section of 1 1/2"
    3m section of 1 3/4"
    1 pieceSLMBAG
    Base with opressors for hot-dip galvanized.
    2 pieceSLMBRMast bracket (retainer)
    3 pcsSLMANGPlate anchor for concrete (hot-dip galvanized).
    12 pcs          SCUE474
    Thimble cable.
    24 pcsSNU476
    Knot for cable clamp
    70 mSRET3181/8" retained cable

    Recommended installation:

    Recommended for equipment that weight less than 6 Kg or less and dish antennas of 25 cm of diameter or less.

    Ideal for UBIQUITI wireless equipment or similar.



    Mast Base.

    Subjection Retainer Bracket.

    Union Between Sections.

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